1) My Anne et Valetin glasses

I got these in early summer from the always-amazing Karim at Smith and Wight – I didn’t even try anything else on, when I met with him, he just said “ah! I have something in the back for you” and came back with these from Anne et Valentin. I love them. It’s been over six months and not a single week has gone by that I haven’t been complimented on them.


(obviously not a photos from Smith & Wight)


2) My marimekko lightweight wool scarf        

I bought this in Boston this summer. I think a big part of the reason that I love this piece is that marimekko is a design house that has re-emerged, but was huge in the 60s and 70s and many of the fabrics and accessory pieces were in the house when I was little. The scarf’s incredibly versatile colour palette (red, black, grey and navy) means it’s simple to incorporate with my wardrobe of basics. 



(I can’t find it on-line, but it’s the pattern on the left, and I’m wearing the scarf on the right)


3) My Soia & Kyo winter coat

Finally, I moved away from the black/neutral safe zone of winter coats this winter. I wear winter coats for five months of the year – I may as well start having fun. I fell in love with this Soia & Kyo wool coat with a tulip hem. Thanks to an excellent sale at The Bay, it now brightens up those cold, dark days and makes me feel a little better about winter.



NB: In an effort to blog more, I’m just going to write about lists of three things. Topics to vary. This was the first. Hopefully not the last.