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1) My Anne et Valetin glasses

I got these in early summer from the always-amazing Karim at Smith and Wight – I didn’t even try anything else on, when I met with him, he just said “ah! I have something in the back for you” and came back with these from Anne et Valentin. I love them. It’s been over six months and not a single week has gone by that I haven’t been complimented on them.


(obviously not a photos from Smith & Wight)


2) My marimekko lightweight wool scarf        

I bought this in Boston this summer. I think a big part of the reason that I love this piece is that marimekko is a design house that has re-emerged, but was huge in the 60s and 70s and many of the fabrics and accessory pieces were in the house when I was little. The scarf’s incredibly versatile colour palette (red, black, grey and navy) means it’s simple to incorporate with my wardrobe of basics. 



(I can’t find it on-line, but it’s the pattern on the left, and I’m wearing the scarf on the right)


3) My Soia & Kyo winter coat

Finally, I moved away from the black/neutral safe zone of winter coats this winter. I wear winter coats for five months of the year – I may as well start having fun. I fell in love with this Soia & Kyo wool coat with a tulip hem. Thanks to an excellent sale at The Bay, it now brightens up those cold, dark days and makes me feel a little better about winter.



NB: In an effort to blog more, I’m just going to write about lists of three things. Topics to vary. This was the first. Hopefully not the last.


Last week, someone close to me critiqued this wee blog of mine and it bothered me much more than was probably warranted.

It’s been days, and it’s still stinging. Part of me wants to just pack it in – forget this foray into blogging. That’s the perfectionist/defeatist part of me. If my writing can’t be perfect on every note, then why bother creating at all? If I’m going to get well-intentioned wrist slaps every time I take a misstep here, then perhaps it’s just not worth it.

Welcome to my psyche, folks!

This blog is frightening for me. I like to think that I’m pretty good at the whole “writing” thing, but I mostly restrict myself to 140 characters for the meagre extent of my “personal” writing. These longer posts allow me to mull things over in more words, but they also afford more opportunity to screw up, sound dumb, make bad arguments, insult people or come across as whiny, pedantic, unoriginal or (horrors of horrors!) just plain boring.

But NOT writing isn’t going to make my writing better.

And maybe I should give myself permission to screw up. Maybe it’s those missteps – as a blogger, employee, friend, daughter, wife and mother – that keep me from being the worst thing of all:

Just plain boring.